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 Sensei Humberto Becerra is a eighth degree black belt in judo and a ninth degree black belt in jujitsu. He started judo in Cuba in 1954 spending years training and competing internationally. Becerra spent time teaching at the N.J.I. (National Judo Institute) in Colorado Springs. After several years of teaching at N.J.I., he was invited to train/teach at the Kodokan in Japan (the official school for Judo in Japan). Becerra spent 15 years in Japan in his earlier years. While there he trained in various martial arts. He earned an 9th Dan in Goju-Ryu Karate from Neko-Do Systems. Mr. Becerra currently teaches Jujitsu at Richland Junior College in Dallas, TX., and has his own Judo Club. He's the head instructor of the Becerra Judo & Jujitsu Club in the Dallas suburb of Garland, TX. Becerra is a member of the International Black Belt Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh, PA, and recently received their Pinnacle Award for Success. Becerra is a certified instructor in sexual harassment, assault and rape prevention for women by PPCI Management Systems, Inc. & The Institute for Control & Restraint Research, Inc. He is a certified professional consultant and speaker on child safety and danger awareness from the National Security Alliance. He is certified by USA Judo as a master teacher class A, he's a level A International coach with USA Judo. With USJA he holds a master judo rank examiner, a master jujitsu rank examiner and he's also a master coach. He is a life member of the USJA and USA Judo and he is also a life member of Texas Judo. He also frequently holds seminars and workshops on grappling. He was a coach to the 2006 USA Judo High School All-American team that went to Japan and selected as Volunteer Coach of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee. Becerra is a member of the Texas Promotion Board and is the development director of Texas Judo. He is also a member of USA Judo National Promotion Board from 2007 to Present. In 2009 he received the certificate for the Continental Judo Course in Mexico City. Member of  USA Judo Coaches Education Committee.  Team USA Head Coach of the 2009 and 2011 Jita Kyoei International Cup in Lima, Peru. Team USA Coach to the 2010 and 2011 Jos�  Ram�n Rodr�guez and Judogis Dorados Tournaments in Havana, Cuba.



Instructor Rita Law has been playing judo since 1990 and  received her forth degree black belt from Humberto Becerra Sensei (8th Dan, Becerra Judo Club, Garland, TX). She has studied kata under Keiko Fukuda Sensei (9th Dan, San Fransisco, CA) and shiai techniques under both Jacques  LeGrand Sensei (9th Dan, New Orleans, LA) and Vince Tamura Sensei (9th Dan, Dallas, TX).  Rita is a member in good standing of the USA Judo, USJA , USJF, and TJI and is certified as a regional coach and a local kata judge. Currently, Rita teaches judo classes and kata weekly for the Becerra Judo Club. In addition to weekly practice, Rita's recent training, participation, and competition results include:

* Training at 2010 Joshi Judo Camp, San Jose, CA K.(Fukuda 9th Dan, E. Shepherd 8th Dan, C. Kitaura 5th Dan)

* 1st Place 2010 Texas State Championship in Ju No Kata (Mixed)

* Mat Supervisor for 2010 USA Judo International Training Camp, Garland, TX

* 1st Place Terry Kelly All-Women's Championship 2008, Witchta Falls, TX (Seniors Shiai)

* 1st Place 2007 Texas State Championship (Masters Shiai  -Lt.)

* 2nd Place 2006 International Senior National Championship, Houston, TX (Masters Shiai - 57kg.)



 Humbero Becerra Mentor, the man who started him in Judo at the age of six. Sensei Alvarino, a great cuban actor. But must of all a great human being.


 Becerra's first teacher and Father of the Cuban Judo.



Sensei Humberto Becerra and his Teacher, Hon Shihan Isao Okano, two times World Champion, 1 Time Olympic Champion, and two times All Japan Judo Champion.


Becerra's first japanese Teacher in Cuba. 1954